POLITICS (National, Local/Los Angeles): Donald Trump, LAX: "Trump targets LAX as 'third world' airport: Is it that bad?"; "Donald trump Just Called LAX a 'Third World' Airport"; "Trump: LAX Is Examle Of 'Third World' U.S. Infrastucture"; also, "L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti: Trump's 'Third World" comments about LAX 'out of touch'" ....


LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Sacramento, editorial, "Bite the bullet for Measure B sales tax"; L.A., "Charter High School Protest After Administrators Busted Spending School Money"; San Jose, "Legal defense funds for S.J.: Ofeensive, too?"; O.C., "Anaheim postpones hearing for $450 million porject near Angel Stadium" ....

***Various items relating to local issues/local government -- Northern California, Southern California....

* Sacramento Bee (editorial):  "Bite the bullet for Measure B sales tax"

* Orange County Register:  "Anaheim postones hearing for $450 million project near Angel stadium"

* Mercury News (Scott Herhold):  "Legal defense funds for S.J.: Offensive, too?"

* NBC4 Los Angeles:  "Charter High School Protest After Administrators Busted Spending School Money"


POLITICS/BUSINESS: Donald Trump, Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.: Commentary (Elizabeth Williamson), "Donald Trump's Shiny New Washington Hotel" ....

* New York Times (Elizabeth Williamson):  "Donald Trump's Shiny New Washington Hotel" - From the NYT:

WASHINGTON — When Donald Trump labeled Mexican immigrants “rapists” in announcing his candidacy in June of last year, he lost contracts with Nascar, Macy’s, NBC Universal, Univision, even Serta mattresses. Not surprisingly, his three eldest children — Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric — began worrying about whether the marketability of the Trump brand could survive the campaign undamaged.

Worry they should, if Mr. Trump’s new hotel, which Mr. Trump himself opened last week, is any indication. The hotel is on Pennsylvania Avenue, a short walk from the White House, and to a lot of people, just walking through the door seems like a political act. Mr. Trump’s name festoons the key cards, the laundry bags, the bathrobes and slippers. It’s hard not to feel that a dollar spent there is a dollar for the Trump campaign. “I don’t know who’s going to book it, because it’s so contentious,” a local convention planner said.

On Tuesday, the place seemed eerily empty. You could book a room for next weekend for less than $400. A week ago, the minimum rate was twice that ...............


LOCAL GOVERNMENT (County of Los Angeles): Los Angeles County Probation Department: Editorial, "Starting over from scratch at the L.A. County Probation Department. Again." ....

***Following up on earlier item noted here (Los Angeles County Probation Department, easier for employees with discipline problems to get promotions)....

* Los Angeles Times (editorial):  "Starting over from scratch at the L.A. County Probation Department. Again." - From the LAT:

It took several years and all his political capital for former Los Angeles County Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers to do what his predecessors and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors could not or would not do: curb misconduct and even criminal acts committed by sworn staff who were supposed to mentor, not abuse, juveniles in trouble with the law.

Powers did it by blocking promotions for an undisclosed number of wayward deputies — an action he took with only tepid support from a board that craved better relations with the probation employee unions. He departed under board pressure late last year, but at least he left behind the refreshing notions that probation officers should uphold high professional standards, that only the best should be promoted and that those who abuse minors, break laws or fail to come to work would have their ambitions thwarted.

Now those gains appear to have been wiped out by the stroke of a pen in the hand of Powers’ interim successor, Cal Remington. An experienced probation official, Remington somehow believed he had the authority to strike a deal with the probation officers’ unions to promote more than 50 of those disciplined deputies and to lock in place a clear avenue of advancement even for those disciplined in the future. It’s especially galling that Remington signed the agreement to loosen the reins on deputies less than a month after . . . . . . . .

The supervisors are expressing understandable outrage that their interim chief probation officer acted on such a weighty matter without notifying them, let alone seeking their approval.

Outrage, yes. But surprise? It’s not the first time that the supervisors were taken aback by important matters that moved forward under their noses but, oddly, without their knowledge .............


POLITICS (National): 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump, Hofstra University debate: "Donald Trump bombs on the ultimate realty TV show"; "What worked for Trump in the primaries failed hm against Clinton"; "What does it meanthat Donald Trump lost the debate"; also, "Donald Trump's Wild Night" ....  

***2016 presidential election, Donald Trump, Hofstra University debate....

* Washington Post (Jonathan Capehart):  "Donald Trump bombs on the ultimate realty TV show"

* Washington Post (Dana Milbank):  "What worked for Trump in the primaries failed him against Clinton"

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* POLITICO (Michael Grunwald):  "Donald Trump's Wild Night" - "He made outrageous commonplace on the trail. And he went for it again on the debate stage."